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Navigating 'Endoftermitus' with Our ADHD Kids

As the end of term approaches, parents of children with ADHD often find themselves dealing with a unique set of challenges. 'Endoftermitus'— is a playful term that refers to that end-of-term chaos, irratibility and restlessness that impacts many nuerodiverse families.

Children with ADHD may exhibit increased restlessness, difficulty concentrating, and heightened impulsivity as the end of term approaches. Anticipation of breaks, extra school events or changes in routine can trigger this restlessness.

You may feel at this stage that dropping off or picking up your child from school is a lot like carrying a granaide with the pin pulled out, your mission to get it into or out of the car without it blowing up! Way easier said then done right!

Here are some tips to Manage 'Endoftermitus':

  1. Routine Consistency with Flexibility: Maintain a routine but be flexible. Structure helps, but with end-of-term restlessness and irratability, some adjustments might be necessary.

  2. Prepare for Transitions: Discuss upcoming changes to routine or activities, helping your child prepare for transitions. Visual aids, social stoires & calendars can assist in understanding the shift.

  3. Set Clear Expectations: Communicate expectations and any known changes clearly. Visual calendars or to-do lists can help maintain clarity.

  4. Celebrate Achievements: Reflect and celebrate all of your child's accomplishments during the term. Acknowledge their efforts to boost self-esteem.

  5. Engage in Physical Activities: Plan physical activities to help release pent-up energy. Encourage movement and exercises to channel their restlessness positively. Summer evening bike rides and park plays are often a good way to burn of energy before the evening wind down before bed.

  6. Manage Screen Time: Monitor and regulate gaming & screen time, especially during this period of heightened distraction, irratability and excitement. Our kids can become very aggitated quickly when they are tired and over it.

  7. Be Patient and Kind to yourself and your child: Remember, 'Endoftermitus' is a temporary phase. Be patient, understanding, and offer/seek extra support during this period. Be kind and understanding of both yourself and your ADHD child as the year comes to an end.

Remember, 'Endoftermitus' is a normal phase, but it requires some extra support and understanding. By implementing strategies that accommodate the restlessness and irritability, you can help you and your child navigate this period a little easier. Hang in there parents SCHOOLS ALMOST OUT FOR 2023!!!

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